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We exist to delight in, display, and declare the glory of God and equip His 
people to spread that delight through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Mission of
Bethany Bible Church:
Who we are as a church stems directly from both Jesus and the Word of God and what we see as the Church's mission as a whole.
Exalt the Lord
The corporate gathering of the Church is primarily and ultimately the exaltation of God in worship, prayer, and the preaching of His Word.
Build up the Body
The saints are edified through the means of grace by the instruction of the Word, Biblical fellowship, and corporate observance of the ordinances.
Evangelize the Lost
Jesus Christ has given the Church an enduring commission to evangelize the lost through both the spoken word and unspoken testimony of a life transformed by Christ.
More than just a building.
Our church is a place to hear the Word of God proclaimed,  to engage in worship, and to 
build each other up through ministries and fellowship. With services available 
both in-person and online, there are many ways to stay connected.
Get involved

There are many ways to join us in-person. From our weekly worship service to 
youth and service projects, there are many ways we as a body come together.
Sunday Worship
Join us for corporate worship, reading of the scriptures, and teaching every Sunday at 10:30am.
Sunday School
With classes for every age group, come along as we learn to understand the Bible more fully. Sundays at 9:30am
Prayer Meeting
Take your requests and praises to the Lord as we pray together each week. Wednesdays at 6:30pm.
Bible Study
Weekly meeting for both men and women, join us as we go though the Bible and learn how to apply it to daily life.
Current sermon series:
Corrupt Hearts Need an Incorruptible King
Join us as we work through the book of Judges and learn from Israel's 
disobedience as God delivers his people from their enemies time and again. Sunday mornings at 10:30am
Current Sunday school:
War Psalms of the Prince of Peace
Tackle the uncomfortable Psalms that deal with death, curses, anger, and the wrath of God as we see how these passages fit into the wider scope of the Gospel and how they fit into our lives. Sunday mornings at 9:30am
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Join us from
wherever you are.
Stay up to date from anywhere with Bethany Radio, with weekly updated sermons and archives, available wherever you get podcasts, or watch our sermons live on facebook every Sunday morning.
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Bethany leadership:

Our church is lead by Elders: spiritually qualified men who give leadership
to the body. Though there is vocational pastor, each elder equally shares the 
call to shepherd the flock of God, His church.
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Need to talk with someone?

From prayer requests to questions about the Gospel, we're here to help.
Church Office:
144 Main St. Le Roy, MN 55951
Pastor Mike:
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Prayer Requests:
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